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Givi Sikharulidze   Givi Sikharulidze

People's artist of Georgia, film actor, writer

  "If earlier in Sukhishvili ensemble we danced are Omar Mjeidze, Pridon Sulaberidze, Givi Sikharulidze, Dzhumber Beridze and more many lions of that time, today Timur Bibileishvili could recreate again all of them and showed 60 knights equal to togdashny knights. He is very talented person fanatically in love with the business. It showed us roar of lions. I spoke and again I will repeat that in Adzharian dances Timur Bibileishvili stands not only on hind legs and love, not only outer effects, but also expresses knightly spirit of the Adzharian person. For it to it many thanks."