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"KHORUMI" Conquers The World !




KHORUMI - State Ensemble

 T Bibileishvili 

   The face of any creative collective is defined by art imagination, education, qualification and art talent of his head.

   The creative head of group, first of all, has to be the outstanding personality. The legendary Sukhishvili ensemble which rose to the art level of the ballet thanks to persons of his heads of Mrs. Nino Ramishvili and Mr. Iliko Sukhishvili became monolithic collective. The dancer of this ensemble always felt the strong moral environment.

   The choreographer Timur Bibileishvili of people who is guided by own principles as during establishment of creative collective, and also at his creative life for many years.

We begin the story with a narration about

the head of ensemble and further too we will often emphasize merits Temur Bibileishvili. We consider that it is natural, because it not only the director of the company, but his founder, the founder, the leader and from zero to top. Temur Bibileishvili not only created ensemble, but also developed an original technique of work in children's dancing collective about what we will speak below more. This technique отличаетсяэтот ensemble from other children's ensembles. Besides his direct merit that on December 8, 2009, the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara adopted the resolution on formation on the basis of creativity of young professional pupils of children's dancing ensemble of the state ensemble of national dances of Batumi. Now the Khorumi ensemble-1 - the state ensemble of national dance and as "Khorumi-2" - the state ensemble of children's dances works.

   About the personality and creativity of the founder of Horumi ensemble Temur Bibileishvili interesting letters were published by professor Rezo Chanishvili, the researcher of the Georgian dances by the choreographer Zaur Lazishvili, the doctor of historical sciences Teimuraz Komakhidze, journalists Vladimir Darchiya, Mikeladze's manana, etc.

   Timur Bibileishvili was born in 1939 in the Samtrediisky area Big Dzhikhaisha's mudflow, and since 1947 his parents moved to the habitual residence to Batumi. Horeosofiya - talent of dancing thinking - was established by the famous scientist and the writer Levan Sanikidze. He considered that exactly both the speech of wisdom, and the speech of dance, wisdom of transfer of character of the people, is great treasure of national culture. Not incidentally call the Georgian dance by the Eighth Wonder of the world. Perhaps, this comparison not absolutely exact, but that, witnesses of that we are, the Georgian dances really surprise the modern world. Timur Bibileishvili was born with natural gift of Horeosofiya. He was still the pupil of elementary school when passionately cherished to dances. Could work on one dancing reception within several hours to reach perfection. At that school creativity of pupils was at very high level. After school with a full speed student's circles of a song and dance worked. As soon as Timur heard a drum sound, at once it pulled on dances. But the rural boy did not dare to register in a tantsevlny circle. However, registered in chorus of a song, what to have opportunity to watch dances. Having come back home diligently practiced dancing receptions. "once, - Temur remembers-in, - in our family the choreographer Abdoul Diasamidze stayed. In its Ensemble my brother Yury played an accordion. I made some receptions, and Mr. Abdoul became interested in me. So I, thanks to it, got in ensemble where seniors danced. I was lucky, and I became a soloist". Then, when he reached desirable and became the student of cultural and educational school, understood deep secrets of wisdom of choreography. Timur was lucky. In school it was taught by good teachers-choreographers. Mr. Temur still with love remembers the first professional teachers Givi Kacharava, Dzhumber Lomtatidze, Alexander Dzhidzheishvili and others.IMG 5634 

 After the termination of choreographic department of the Batumi cultural educational school Temur Bibileishvili starts working as the dancer the actor in ensemble of a song and dance of M. Kukhianidze headed by the artistic director of the honored artist of Georgia Mirian Chkhikvishvili and the honored artist of Georgia Enver Khabadze. Here in operating time Temur received professional training that as he notes, strongly helped it with his creative work and formation of serious collectives. After work in the state ensemble it was accurately expressed the creative person of Temur Bibileishvili, as choreographer. It already then to the sformirovalsena only as soon as the soloist-performer but also as the choreographer the director to whom, unlike others, the nature only gives additional talent of the thinker, organizer, leader and teacher. Temur Bibileishvili appeared endowed with all necessary skills and abilities of the creative choreographer. His creative career began with choreographic ansamblev of pupils of high schools of century. He learned at high school in the Helvachaursky area to the village of Chaisubani, then high schools #5, #16, #22 cities of Batumi. Original manifestation of character of Temur Bibileishvili it is considered its monolithic the relation to creative process. It as the creative person, never loses composure both in cases of failures, and in cases of progress. Horeografical and pedagogical work of Temur Bibileishvili as special talent revealed at high school #22, and then at high school #16. He put characteristic original handwriting the dances "Khorumi" and "Gandagana" there.

  211   1989 Temur Bibileishvili is appointed the chief choreographer of the state ensemble of a song and dance of Melitón Kukhianidze, and since 1992 the artistic director and the director of this ensemble. It appeared the most important landmark event in the history of ensemble, and also in choreographic work personally of Temur Bibileishvili.

   In 1990 reorganization of ensemble was carried out. The repertoire was updated, a young creative power was invited. Within 7 months the updated statements of really immortal pearls of national choreography were prepared: "Khorumi", "Gandagana", "Ferkhuli", "Most", "Mtiuluri", "Svanuri", "Azures", "Farikaoba", "Khevsuruli", "Khandzhluri". Performances of songs "Adjaruli Makruli", "Mravalzhamiyeri", "Hasanbegura", "Satrpialo", "Mirangula", "Kuchkhi Bedniyeri", "Odoya", "Tamar Kalo" and many other things were updated.

   On April 4, 1990 the premiere was appointed. The leading figures of the capital were invited: Rezo Chokhonelidze, Djemal Chkuaseli, Besik Svanidze, Rezo Chanishvili, Tamaz Zhorzholiani and Boris Mundzhishvili who unanimously recognized the new level of ensemble and creative achievements. The Adjarian State ensemble of a song and dance of M. Kukhianidze which middle age did not exceed 17-18 years, rose on the right track and was created in the form of perspective ensemble. After that ensemble tours abroad began. In 6 days after a premiere the ensemble went on a tour in Poland. It with what the new stage in development of ensemble began. During round in Poland the ensemble appeared before the audience in the cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw It is also learned. The ensemble goes on tour across all Islamic Republic of Iran, in Italy, twice in Spain, Germany, Poland, in Cyprus and in France. Ensemble tours the cities of Turkey were interesting (Ankara, Izmir, Selchuk, Ushak, Istanbul, Giresun, Samsun, Trabzon). In 1990 the ensemble successfully acted in the cities in Cyprus (Levkoshasa and Girnes). In 1996 the Georgian national dances fascinated the German viewer of the city of Ofenburg. Here the ensemble held ten concerts in "Europe Park" of rest and entertainments. The Adjarian State Ensemble of a song and dances in 1997 appeared before the audience the wide and various program in Paris and other French cities. During tours about art skill a211nsamblya the world press, such newspapers as "Ehengi" (Iran), "The Washington Times" (USA), "Kara Deniz" (Turkey) in detail wrote. The business card of choreographic creativity of Temur Bibileishvili recognized the dances "Khorumi" and "gandagana".

44   The new stage at the State ensemble of a song and dance begins with fall of 2002. According to instructions of the head of the Autonomous Republic at ensemble the children's state choreographic group which in the future would train highly skilled young performers for the state ensemble and to dancing collectives was created. For noticeable merits in choreographic art in 1987 Temur Bibileishvili was awarded an honorary title of the Honored Artist of the Autonomous Republic Adjara, in 1999 was awarded by the honourable diploma of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic Adjara. Mr. Temur Bibileishvili is a gentleman of Honor Award.



The Grand Prix in International Contest. Agrigento, Italy.




Temur Bibileishvili

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